2012 Euro Cup schedule: Natalia Siwiec along with the Euro girls playing part in odds

The 2012 Euro Cup is heading into it's final week, as well as the action is now more exciting every round, but in addition to the intense play and searching at who're the percentages on favorites that remain, everybody is buzzing within the the Euro girls!
If you haven't seen her yet, Poland's primary fan Natalia Siwiec had fans all abuzz over her 'cheering abilities' throughout the Cup games. The native from Wa??brzych, Poland has become rooting on her behalf home country and grabbing attention of young men around the world while doing so!
Poland has been eliminated from Euro Cup play this year, but Natalia Siwiec along with the Euro girls continue to be carrying on.
"That's one thing about these soccer games," Mike Miller of Tecumseh said. "The girls overseas manage to love their teams!" "Sometimes there are equally as many ladies in the game as you'll find men, which I think is excellent."
There are two big games scheduled for last week, Spain vs. France today, and England vs. Italy Sunday afternoon.
While Spain may be the heavy favorite to overpower France, England and Italy are extremely evenly matched. Both of these games must be great, but after Natalia Siwiec burst to the scene, some fans enjoy seeing the fans cheering in the stands in the same way much as who wins the games!
With the distractions these girls are causing world wide, they could be single handedly changing the percentages.
Here is an ideal example. Not many casual fans could possibly have known about Poland's team, until they constantly kept seeing Natalia Siwiec on TV. She roots for Poland hence the alternative you understand, someone may wager to them just for that reason.
I understand it may sound funny, but trust me, read more people seek out all kinds of crazy 'signs' or benefits of using the whites or even the other.
So can the 'Euro girls of 2012' be changing odds about the games?
Hey, that knows!

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